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Blackout 4.0 Release Notes

With Blackout 4.0 we are excited to announce support for both automated markups on text searchable PDFs and manual markups on both text searchable and image based PDFs all from within Relativity. This update is completely free for all existing Blackout customers and is available simply by upgrading! Reach out to us at to receive the RAP.

Automatically Redact PDFs

A brand new project type has been added to the New Project dialogue. Similar to images and spreadsheets, by inputting words, phrases, regular expressions, or uploaded rules, you can automate the redaction of thousands of text searchable PDFs quickly using the workflows you already have.

A Manual PDF Experience in the Relativity Viewer

Blackout 4.0 introduces new toolbars for use with the Relativity viewer when working with a PDF. Redact PDFs by clicking and dragging over the content that you need to remove for your case. Then when its time to produce, all of the underlying content will be removed. In addition to redacting content within the PDF, Blackout digs into the PDF and exposes hidden attachments and annotations of all types to ensure that you can find and remove sensitive information with confidence.

Find All of the Hidden Things

Hidden PII can be one of the most difficult things to remove from a PDF. Securely redacting the PDF means finding annotations and attachments that you can't always easily discover in a review platform or other tools. Blackout puts all of this content in two easy to filter lists right on the viewer so you can discover all of these hidden items and safely produce your redacted PDFs.

Improved Quality Control

PDF introduces a new approach to Quality Control of both manual markups and automated PDF markups. With Blackout 4.0 you can quickly filter, approved, reject, and review subsets of markups right from the viewer. This same functionality is planned to be added to spreadsheets in the near future.

And More...

PDF launches with supporting infrastructure you've grown accustomed to using with Blackout including:

  • Externally redact problematic or complex PDFs

  • Include marked up PDFs in your saved searches

  • Use your existing workspace markup sets

  • Download marked up versions of the PDF from the viewer

  • Generate redacted extracted text

  • Create and run automated PDF projects from the Blackout projects tab on PDFs with text searchable parts

  • Redact PDFs manually from the Relativity viewer on both text searchable and image based PDFs

  • Review and redact hidden PDF content including each type of attachment and annotation

  • Tools to integrate native PDF redaction into your existing workflows

  • Updated the Blackout audit tab to display times in the local time for the user

  • Updated the 'None' markup set on spreadsheets to no longer display the 'Unhide Excel Content' and 'Redact Sheet Name' buttons

  • Updated all Blackout forms to utilize CSRF tokens

  • Increased strictness of value input validation for several Blackout forms

  • Removed debug mode tags from custom page web.config

  • Added x-content-type header restrictions for all csv uploads

  • Replaced .NET default error page with custom page to suppress bubbling up exceptions -- error messages must be collected from the Blackout System Log now

  • When performing a spreadsheet manual revert that fully encompasses a single markup range, the markup will now be removed from the Blackout markup list

  • Improved the messaging when the 'Unhide Excel Content' action fails to properly prepare a spreadsheet

  • Improved input validation on spreadsheet cell content redaction, text redaction, and comment redactions

  • Updated all conversion API calls to pass 'Content-Type': 'application/json;charset=UTF-8' which is required for RelativityOne Aero release but not prior

  • Updated all Blackout projects to have consistent styling and colors

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where word/phrase rules with trailing spaces weren't being properly trimmed so the space was being treated as a literal character

  • Fixed a bug where the active markup set for a user was not being tracked when navigating between document types

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Blackout event handler to fail when navigating from one spreadsheet to a spreadsheet that is password protected

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the 'External Markups' page from failing if a Relativity document is flagged for external redaction and has a NULL value for the FileIcon property

  • Fixed a bug where the spreadsheet QC pane would display that you do not have permission for the active markup set when on the 'None' markup set



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