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Blackout 4.0.4 Release Notes


Manual Excel Cell Content redactions will no longer cause the document viewer to refresh A placeholder will be displayed instead of refreshing the viewer

  • The text displayed will be "Modified" in RelativityOne viewer or "Content Modified" in the Relativity Server viewer

  • The new cell content can be seen after refreshing or navigating to or back to the document

  • This change is intended to be used to quickly place several cell content redactions without waiting for the viewer to reload after each one

Manual Excel Cell Content redactions will no longer update the underlying style of the cell

  • If the cell contains multiple formatting options (different fonts/sizes/colors) the cell contents will be updated to match the styling of the first character in the cell.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with Blackout custom page breaking if IIS was configured to have no-sniff already enabled at a site or global level

  • Fixed an issue where comments with special characters would temporarily display HTML encoded values

  • For example ' instead of an apostrophe

  • Fixed an issue where the Blackout Image QC Pane sometimes wouldn't load

  • The Blackout QC Pane will now be available next to the Relativity markup navigator instead of replacing it

  • Fixed an issue where production preparation projects displayed Excel specific language on the view project page; they've been updated to be document type neutral

  • Fixed an issue where rules with some fancy characters wouldn't match on Excels and PDFs

  • Rules with fancy-fied quote, hyphen, or apostrophe's wouldn't work. For example: “, ”, —, ’ rather than ", -, '

  • Fixed an issue where production preparation projects could fail if SQL became unavailable for a brief moment resulting in saying documents were already in production even though they are not

  • Fixed an issue where the "Loading markups..." message is displayed indefinitely even though the file failed to be read from the redacted file RDO; an error message will now be displayed when this happens

  • Fixed an issue where the Blackout production preparation revert process would timeout if the Relativity file table had 10's of millions of entries



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