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Blackout 4.0.1 Release Notes

Blackout 4.0.1 is a small patch that follows up Blackout 4 to provide minor improvements to the migration process for Blackout 3.3 and earlier to 4.0, production preparation, and PDF markups.

  • PDF text redactions have been updated so that the drawn redaction in the Relativity viewer more accurately matches the burned in redaction on the PDF. This includes very thin redactions that the Relativity viewer forces to rotate 90 degrees. These rotated redactions will appear rotated on the burned-in PDF.

  • Added additional resiliency to the Blackout pre-3.4 to Blackout 4+ upgrade.

  • Updated Production Preparation Projects to keep track of the specific files that were locked by the project. This change ensures that regardless how a saved search changes, the documents locked by the project will be unlocked by the project, even if the document no longer is returned by the saved search.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where if the saved search for a locked production preparation project is deleted, the project could no longer be unlocked.

Please Note: Production preparation projects that had their saved search deleted prior to upgrading to this version will remain in a locked state and can be safely archived!



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