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Blackout 3.4 Release Notes

Important update information

Relativity Version Support

Blackout 3.4 requires Relativity 10.0+. Installation on versions earlier than Relativity 10 will result in Blackout no longer functioning. Recovering from this state may be impossible without data loss. Please be sure your Relativity instance is on Relativity 10 or newer before running the update!

Data Migration

This update contains a data migration. Blackout 3.4 moves the redacted duplicates from the file table to file fields on a new RDO on the document object. This allows us to provide direct support for the Relativity file cache APIs and make most of the workflows available with this update possible.

This migration processes roughly 100,000 excel files per hour. The update may take some time to complete based on your redacted Excel document count so it is recommended to pick a time that fits your review schedule. Milyli is available to assist with the update, as always, with prior notice by emailing us at

Improving the reviewer experience

Blackout 3.4 aims at reducing the friction of the viewer experience by making significant back-end improvements in how files are created, managed, updated. This results in less friction between the reviewers actions and the Relativity environment.

To learn more, we've prepared a short interview discussing the update. Click here to access video directly.

In short, review teams will now be able to have users on different markup sets placing markups at the same time. Each reviewer will also be able to keep the same markup set as they go document to document without interrupting other reviewers who may be on a different markup set.

New Support Center

The support center has been revamped. You can view the new documentation for Blackout 3.4 at our new home,

New Features

  • Markup sets are now remembered on a per user basis. After a user selects a markup set, they will automatically be on that markup set for the next document, even if the document has not been through the preparation step (Unhide Excel Content).

  • Users may now be on different markup sets for a single document at the same time and successfully review, redact, and highlight the document.

  • Blackout no longer changes the active file of the document when changing markup sets. In order to change the active file for production a production preparation project must be used.

  • The download original document button has been replaced with the Download marked up file button. This will download the redacted/highlighted file for the current markup set. Clicking the Relativity download file button will now always download the original file.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where conditional formatting applied to a cell that changed the cell color when the cell was empty overrode black redactions

  • Fixed a rare issue that would prevent Blackout from being installed fresh on a new Relativity instance if EDDS Blackout tables were created through other means such as ARM

  • Fixed an issue where comment redaction would fail if a threaded comment was attempted to be redacted with multi-line text

  • Fixed an issue where the decimal (x_d, y_d, height_d, width_d) [EDDSDBO].[Redaction] values were not set by Blackout for image markups

  • Fixed an issue where propagation project names would bleed off of the page when exceptionally long



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