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Introducing Blackout 1.4!

We’re thrilled to announce the latest release of Blackout, our automated redaction application for Relativity!

Blackout 1.4 includes the hottest requests from the many law firms and service providers who are already using Blackout to reduce the time, cost, and room for error in ediscovery, as well as some features that make Blackout even easier to use for everyone on your review team.

Manual redaction is a tedious, time-intensive process that ties up your resources and significantly slows down your review workflows. Since Blackout’s initial release, the development team has been listening closely to what Relativity users need to improve the redaction process, delivering updates to give you the best automated redaction product on the market. Scott Monaghan, the Product Manager for Blackout, had this to say about the latest release of Blackout:

“At Milyli we spend a lot of time talking to our customers. Each of the features in this Blackout 1.4 release was originally conceived out of a customer request or idea. We’re very excited to see our feedback process come to fruition with Blackout 1.4!”

Today, we’re excited to release four new features we developed based on real-world feedback from Blackout customers. Blackout 1.4 now includes:

  • Template-based redactions

  • Fuzzy matching

  • Email notifications

  • Real-time usage statistics

Template-Based Redactions

Blackout already identifies and redacts words, phrases, and patterns (phone numbers, SSNs, etc.) from your case documents, but now you can also redact content across similar forms and layouts. For example, if you know where patient information is typically found on a particular healthcare or pharmaceutical form, you can redact those areas on one document, then use that one document as your template to apply redactions to that same area on the entire set of forms.

Fuzzy Matching

Nobody’s perfect – and that’s especially true for OCR processes. In previous releases, if Blackout did not OCR a term on a case document correctly – mistaking an “l” for a “1,” for instance – Blackout was not able redact the term and reviewers would have to manually redact that term. Now, with fuzzy matching, you can set a fuzziness level for word/phrase rules that might be prone to OCR issues. Blackout will automatically redact those terms, even if a few characters are not correctly OCR’d, further automating the process and saving your reviewers’ time for other, more important tasks.

Fuzzy matching isn’t just for OCR errors, but also a powerful feature for mitigating human error in data entry as well!

Email Notifications

In Blackout 1.4, you don’t have to check for yourself to see if a Blackout job has completed or had any errors. Now Blackout can send email notifications to designated team members whenever a Blackout job completes or fails.

Real-Time Usage Statistics

Relativity users can now go to the Blackout Usage page to monitor the amount of pages redacted and how they’re tracking towards their current licensed page pack.

Contact to learn how Blackout has helped law firms, service providers, and other organizations significantly reduce the time and cost of review.

Current Blackout customers: Contact to schedule your upgrade now.



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