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Blackout 1.1 Release (& 1.2 Sneak Peek!)

Our assisted redaction tool, Blackout, has been out in the wild since March, and its early adopters have been putting Blackout through the ringer (read more about Blackout’s “trial by fire” with DTI here), giving us great ideas for new features and suggestions for improvements. Many of those features made it onto our roadmap for later releases, and some we even were able to develop right away and include in 1.1.

In 1.1, we’ve implemented a number of features to make the redaction review workflow more seamless – for example, the Relativity document viewer now automatically updates to show accepted or rejected redactions in real-time, and we added an option to delete all redactions that were applied on previous Blackout Job, allowing users to edit and re-run a Blackout Job. The Blackout Job results page also now links directly to a saved search with only the redacted documents, making it easy for reviewers to QC just the documents on which redactions have been applied. And if you need to provide a log of redactions to opposing counsel or to the court, Blackout now has an option to export a CSV Redaction Logdetailing redactions for a document set.

In Blackout 1.2, we’re expanding on Blackout’s auto-redaction capabilities to include highlighting! Unlike Persistent Highlights in Relativity, which show up on the native document, Blackout highlights will appear on the image to call out anything important or questionable for reviewers before production. We’ve also learned a great deal more about how reviewers are actually using Blackout and how complex their redaction criteria can be. With that in mind, Blackout 1.2 will simplify the creation of Blackout redaction rules so that it’s easier to add and edit complex patterns of rules, as well as apply multiple sets of rules to a single Blackout redaction job. The new Markup Scope feature will enable you to be even more specific about where exactly redactions or highlights will be applied. In addition to words or full pages, Blackout 1.2 will allow you to redact or highlight lines, paragraphs, blocks, and full documents. Additionally, Blackout will have an advanced option to extend markups to the full-width of the page, which is especially useful for redacting in Excel documents.

Blackout 1.2 will also make it easier to resolve document mismatch issues – for example, if the term appears in the extracted text, but not in the image because of formatting or quality issues. In the first two releases, Blackout warns you within the Blackout tab when there are document mismatches, but in 1.2, reviewers can see mismatches right within the Relativity document viewer.

Blackout 1.2 will be available this summer. Learn more and see a short video at, or contact for a quick demo. Current Blackout customers, contact to schedule your upgrade now.



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