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Announcing Broadcast 1.2 for Relativity!

Milyli is excited to announce the release of Broadcast 1.2 – the newest version of our revolutionary dashboard reporting tool for Relativity!

Reporting in Relativity can be complicated, and switching between Relativity and external reporting systems wastes time that administrators, clients, and reviewers don’t have. Since Broadcast’s initial release, the development team has been working closely with the service providers and law firms using Broadcast to learn more about the kinds of information different Relativity users need to see and how they want to access that information. We’ve built Reporting Packs to give users out-of-the-box dashboards for common data like billing statistics and reviewer progress, and we’ve increased the number of chart types and customization options so that Broadcast users can easily build out dashboards with the look-and-feel they need.

With Broadcast 1.2, we’ve used real-world feedback to hone in even further on the reporting needs of Relativity users. Until 1.2, Broadcast was installed at the workspace level so that you could provide relevant workspace-specific information right within that particular workspace. Users with access to the workspace and the Broadcast dashboards are able to find them right at their fingertips, and Relativity Admins could link those dashboards to other workspace dashboards to create client-level reports. As more and more Broadcast users are seeing value in creating client-level reports that roll up data from all of the workspaces for a particular client across multiple matters, we’ve reconfigured Broadcast so that it is now available at the Relativity admin level – i.e., Relativity data can be presented to clients, internal teams, and other interested groups without having to navigate into a particular workspace.

We’ve also created Broadcast script tokens, similar to Relativity’s, that let you create dynamic charts and graphs based on the particular user viewing the chart OR the current workspace where the chart is located. So, if you want to create reviewer-specific dashboards to give each of your reviewers an idea of their progress, overturn rate, etc., you no longer need to create a dashboard for each individual – you can just add a user-specific script token to the chart or graph, and Broadcast will filter the chart automatically! And if you want to have the same dashboard in each of your workspaces, but you need to adjust the data based on the current workspace, you can add a location-specific token to each of the charts on the dashboard to pull data for only that workspace.  You can also add tokens that help filter based on the current user’s client so that you can create dashboards with data from all of the workspaces associated with that client.

If the new features in Broadcast 1.2 are getting you as pumped as we are about the future of reporting in Relativity, you’ll be glad to know that, in the 1.3 release (coming very soon!), we’re developing a long list of new features to make Broadcast even more powerful and customizable, including:

  • Adding a tool for admins to copy one or many dashboards from one workspace to another

  • Making the table chart type more customizable and easier to use with paging, filtering, sorting, and even exporting

  • Setting the default loading order for dashboards in the Broadcast tab

Learn more about the full functionality of Broadcast at, or contact to set up a demo. Current Broadcast customers: Contact to schedule your upgrade now.



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