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Altep Partners with Milyli to Create Full-Service Request & Reserve Tool

Altep is a leader in the fields of eDiscovery, compliance risk assessment, digital forensics, and litigation management. As an Orange-level Best in Service provider for Relativity, Altep works with their clients to determine the most creative, cost-saving solutions for their review needs. Altep’s commitment to providing high levels of service and the most up-to-date offerings has led them to grow their partnership with Milyli, as Altep became an early adopter of both Blackout, Milyli’s assisted redaction tool for Relativity, and Broadcast, our Relativity dashboard reporting tool.

Judy Torres, Vice President of Information Services at Altep, was visiting the Milyli offices and mentioned that Altep was considering a more efficient way to handle client requests for their managed services. Altep had already introduced a system in which clients could pre-purchase discounted bundles of Managed Services hours for services like resetting passwords, creating scripts, data loading, or editing views. Their larger goal, though, was to create a full-service solution where clients could then request and reserve Managed Services through a ticketing system, and to have the entire interface integrated directly with Relativity. With no other solutions out there that were also integrated with Relativity, Altep and Milyli teamed up once again to create a custom solution that became Altep’s OpenService, a Managed Service “Request & Reserve” system embedded directly into Relativity.

With OpenService, Altep Managed Services clients can submit a request for services without ever leaving their Relativity workspace. All they need to do is navigate to the OpenService tab, enter in their request, attach any supplemental documents, and submit. Requests are then logged and queued up for the Managed Services support team. OpenService will even send automatic email notifications to clients as their request status changes throughout the process. In addition to the ticketing solution, OpenService is also a one-stop-shop where clients can pre-purchase bundles of hours, as well as check their balances and request history.

To develop OpenService, Milyli’s many years of experience developing custom Relativity solutions allowed the development team to efficiently leverage the many customizable components and APIs available in Relativity – including the Relativity Services API, Relativity Dynamic Objects, event handlers, and custom pages. Milyli was able to work through requirements and develop the OpenService application in approximately one month while staying within the original budget, allowing Altep to stay on the cutting-edge of legal technology and provide faster, more transparent service to their clients. Both Altep’s Managed Services team and their clients value the new streamlined process, especially the fact that they don’t need to transfer between different systems in order to manage requests. Judy and the Altep team are so excited about the application’s potential, that they’re currently working with Milyli to determine which features will benefit Altep’s clients most for the next version of OpenService.

See how OpenService is improving Altep’s Managed Services in this Prezi. For more information on Milyli’s Relativity customizations, visit To learn more about our Relativity products, visit



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