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Delegate 3.0 Release Notes

Delegate 3.0 is a significant feature upgrade to Delegate. This release introduces the brand new Automated Workflow functionality available immediately upon upgrade or installation to all existing and new Delegate customers.

Suppose your organization did not upgrade to the intermediate patch, Delegate 2.7. In that case, this release will also include the removal of all RSAPI usage to prepare for its removal in Relativity Server 2023 and licensing. Upon upgrade, the Customer Advocacy team will help get your instance licensed.

To prepare for this upgrade, comprehensive new documentation has been created that covers the use of the Automated Workflows feature, in-depth information on how the Delegate agent works, high-level troubleshooting, and an FAQ section to help you get started. Please contact the Customer Advocacy team to get the updated user guide. It will be available via our support center shortly after release.


Important Notes

  • The full version number for this release is 3.0.25279.41880

  • If upgrading directly from Delegate 2.5

    • You will need to get a license key from the Customer Advocacy team

    • This release adds support for Relativity Server 2021 and Relativity Server 2022

  • Relativity 10.3 is supported by this release


Introducing Automated Workflows

We're excited to announce that Automated Workflow for Relativity Server is now available with Delegate 3.0! Take advantage of new tools for automating repetitive tasks and preparing your cases for review. Consolidate multi-stage tasks into simple workflows that automatically chain multiple key case activities together.

Choose From a Variety of Key Activities

Delegate allows your team to automate the execution of several critical Relativity resources. Automate the execution of a long-running Image Set job and immediately execute an OCR Set to generate extracted text immediately after without needing to track progress manually!

Take advantage of the following steps:

  • Structure Analytics Sets

  • Populate, Build, and Activate Analytics Indexes (Conceptual and Contextual)

  • Search Term Reports

  • OCR Sets

  • Imaging Sets

  • Building dtSearch Index

  • Running Relativity Scripts

Never Miss a Step (or an error if something goes wrong)

Delegate provides customizable notifications and extensive error messaging so that as soon as your workflow is complete, your teams can start reviewing. If something goes wrong, the right people for the job can be notified immediately to work on a resolution.

Get notifications every step of the way or wait until the end. Message the same people or customize it for every step. However, your team needs to be informed, and Delegate has you covered.

Run Details and History

While automated workflows are typically a set it, run it, forget it, Delegate provides comprehensive details about the current run while also giving you the flexibility in determining under what conditions the workflow should pause. You can quickly identify the current step running and get a complete picture of everything that has run up to that point.

Workflows are also meant to be run multiple times. Many Relativity resources automatically run incremental builds. Simply running the workflow a second or third time will automatically allow Relativity to work with any new content. Delegate maintains comprehensive run history, letting you dive into any historical workflow run and see details about each step executed.

Easily Reusable Templates

Delegate provides easy-to-export and re-uses templates. Create your workflow, save it, hit the Export Template button, load it into other workspaces are use it as a starting point for a new workflow in your current workspace!


Bug Fixes

This list includes bug fixes that were included in Delegate 2.7.

  • The Delegate Profile information message now displays the correct number of users in the group when editing the profile.

  • The link in the delegate profile page to learn how to set up Client Administration tab permissions has been fixed.

  • Fixed a bug preventing Delegate Profiles from being updated from group-based to "members can manage their client."

  • Fixed a bug that displayed a save failure when creating a self-managed Delegate Profile despite the save not failing

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in the mass user import from working if the SkipDefaultPreference column was left empty

  • Improved performance of loading greater than 2,000 users on the Client Administration tab (a product of switching to Object Manager from RSAPI)

  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally result in a workspace not being created from the Client Administration tab when the workspace admin group was not set

  • Fixed an issue resulting in Delegate Profiles not loading if the Delegate Profile client was deleted from Relativity

  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally result in a workspace not being created from the Client Administration tab when the workspace used a read-only resource pool

  • Fixed an issue with Delegate Profiles always showing that the profile group was not configured correctly even when it was

  • Fixed an issue resulting in workspace edits not consistently saving all values when editing a workspace from the Client Administration tab

  • Fixed an issue when a user does not have the default password provider configured for their account. An error was generated when enabling/disabling these users even if they have a valid different authentication provider such as integrated authentication.



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