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Blackout 4.5 Release Notes: Character & Partial Scope Redactions

Blackout 4.5 introduces character-scoped rules to Blackout projects.

Blackout Administrators can now configure Image and Spreadsheet projects to partially redact words and phrases like email addresses and phone numbers.


Important Notes

  • Full Release Number: 4.5.25446.15698



Character-Scoped Rules

Image and Excel projects now include a character-scope option when creating rules. There are no additional setup or system requirements for integrating this feature into new or existing projects. To take advantage of the new functionality, navigate to a new or existing rule group and select the 'Character' option for Markup Scope!

Additional Notes on Character Scope

Performance Considerations
  • Projects executed with character-scoped rules may take up to 10-15% longer to execute the first time an image is run through character OCR.

  • New character-scoped OCR text is generated for images whenever a character rule is included.

  • If there are no character rules, images will continue to run through word-scoped OCR

  • Like word-scoped OCR, character-scoped OCR is cached and used across duplicate pages, saving valuable time on multiple project runs.

Feature Limitations
  • Character-scoped redactions are not considered when using the Convert Markup mass action.

  • Character-scoped redactions cannot be used with inverse redaction Spreadsheet Projects.

View Original Text Modal Updates

  • The view original text modal has been increased in size.

  • Scrolling through view original text has been improved, making it easier to view a large volume of cell content.

Tesseract Upgrade

  • The underlying Tesseract OCR engine has been upgraded to Tesseract 5.2.


Performance Improvements

  • Updated object manager queries made by Blackout to be more performant on workspaces with an extremely large number of documents.

  • Introduces multi-threading for spreadsheet revert to provide increased throughput when reverting projects.

  • Introduces performance and stability improvements for substantial image documents (over 25,000 pages).

  • Introduces performance optimizations for doc-to-doc views when using Blackout.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolves issue where documents with multiple redacted files for the same markup set would not display in the document viewer.

  • Externally redacted spreadsheet documents display the current document state, providing the same experience as externally redacted PDFs.

  • Propagated markups will no longer populate the 'Blackout - Has Manual Native Markups' field as they now have the appropriate origin of 'Propagated.'

  • Fixes issue where pivot tables would not maintain their styling when being flattened using the "Unhide Excel Content" mass action or upon the first redaction being placed.




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