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We dislike graymail too.

We email only the latest, most important information. Please use the table or form below to manage your preferences.

Email Communication
Change Request
Milyli's Quarterly Newsletter
The latest news and successes about Milyli and Milyli products Blackout, Chronicle, and Delegate
Product Release Notices
Dedicated email communicating product updates for active Milyli customers
Customer Support Alerts
Critical notices from Customer Advocacy for active product users and account managers
Business Offer and Promotional Communications
Special seasonal, event, and incentive-based offers from Milyli Sales and Marketing

10.01.2023 NOTICE: We experienced an issue in September 2023 with our email provider that may have opted you back into receiving our email communications without our knowledge. We have taken additional measures to preserve our subscription data outside that system moving forward, and we apologize for anything accidentally sent your way.

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