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By using Blackout to automate the redaction of documents in Relativity, outside counsel and legal service providers can save you time and money.

With easy-to-use manual and mass-automation functionality, Blackout shortens the turnaround on any kind of document markup task. 

2nd Request Case Study:

Government-issued “Second Request”

1st Deadline 3 Days After Kickoff

Approximately 10-14 Million Docs

Ahead of a large merger, the corporate client of a legal service provider received a “second request” from the Federal Trade Commission and the Antitrust Division of the Justice Department. 


With approximately 10-14 million documents touched by this second request, a manual redaction process would have required up to nine months.

The end client also wanted manual reviews performed on responsive documents and to apply special redaction criteria to the metadata. These files included images, PDFs, and every major Microsoft Suite file, including native Excels. Lastly, the first delivery deadline for produced files was a mere three days after the first effective document drop.

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We're developing a cloud-based redaction tool for smaller teams. Learn about it in a short video. →

 Some of the leaders who offer Blackout include:

Blackout identifies and obscures personal data while retaining the image or native Excel files.

Use it on documents containing:

  • PII & PHI

  • Account IDs

  • Credit Card Numbers

  • Dates

  • Contact Information

    • Emails​

    • Phone Numbers

    • Addresses

  • Charts

  • Pivot Table Data

  • Embedded Objects

  • Notes/Comments

+ Any content searchable based on a repeatable text pattern!​

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