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Integration Services Boost Performance of Relativity Analysis App

The Challenge

A leading provider of information retrieval and text analytics offers an app that helps customers manage and understand information found in documents housed in Relativity. In the ongoing development of their application, the customer faced a challenge improving the application’s integration speed and ensuring that integration worked consistently with the many facets of Relativity. Additionally, they realized they did not have ideal internal resources to support Relativity-specific engineering tasks.

Key Facts​

  • Full-Rewiring of Proprietary Tool Required​

  • Limited Relativity Engineering Expertise

  • Aggressive Timeline For Repairs

The Solution

The customer wanted to make some minor adjustments to improve the speed and performance of the integration. However, Milyli proposed a more significant set of improvements to capitalize on the tool’s full-profit potential while also addressing existing speed and performance needs.

Additionally, Milyli’s proposal included building and deploying a stronger framework for the app’s integration – making it easier and faster for the customer to deploy future functionality to Relativity users.

Working with Milyli, the customer was able to release a working application for multiple clients in a matter of months. The efficiencies brought to their operations by this collaboration lead to establishing an ongoing engagement for future Relativity development and technical feature support. This arrangement allows the customer to focus on their core business and technology while outsourcing particularly complex development efforts and IT support requests.


Download as a Free PDF:

.24 Milyli Integration Relativity



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