Milyli has made Relativity migrations more manageable with our advanced technology and the most experienced migration team available.

During planning, cut-over, and post-migration, challenges arise and can add significant time, cost, or just headaches to the project. Remove the limitations of technology architecture that prevent or compromise a painless, quick migration.


3 Tips to Ensure More Successful Data Migrations ➜

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Our Relativity experience alone includes:


+10 years

+100 projects

+125K hours

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Reliable Migration Partners Provide:

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Milyli handles the system analysis and planning of the migration – down to compatibility testing.


The team then oversees the migration’s execution and quality control.



Milyli provides the reporting and validation to confirm data transference.

Start with Free Scripts

With some simple scripts, you can evaluate your case data and system infrastructure on the house. Estimate the level of effort for your migration project – even if your teams ends up working with another vendor or doing the job yourself.

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