Complex Redaction for Insurance Fraud Case Mastered with Multiple Rule Sets

The Challenge

The insurance client of a legal services provider needed to redact documents for a massive fraud complaint lodged by over three dozen plaintiffs. The nuances of each plaintiff’s complaint involved combing documents for their specific Protected Health Information (PHI).


Additionally, many of these documents were challenging to read as they were repeatedly exported, reformatted, reused, and re-purposed over time. Complicating matters, the client postponed handing off the largest, most cumbersome files until towards the end of the service provider’s allotted review time.



  • 30 Different Markup and Production Sets

  • 25,000 Records Containing PHI

  • Delayed Delivery of Most Difficult Documents

The Solution

This service provider needed a versatile solution that would cover multiple redaction needs.


First, they needed to apply different markup sets across the same documents for thirty different productions. Blackout’s seamless integration into Relativity and ability to handle multiple markup sets managed this.


Second, the PII and PHI present required “inverted redactions.” This is where the search rule finds information. However, instead of redacting it, it redacts all content not matching the rule set. Blackout accomplished this for these documents in a matter of minutes for each of the various jobs performed.


Lastly, while imaging might be a quick solution for managing spreadsheets, in this case it would have created ten thousand new documents. However, Blackout’s ability to run automated mass redaction jobs with native Excel files solved the challenge and helped keep the review on time.

Information Blackout Can Flag

  • Personal Identification Numbers

  • Account IDs

  • Credit Card Numbers

  • Dates

  • Contact Information

    • Emails​

    • Phone Numbers

    • Addresses

  • Charts

  • Pivot Table Data

  • Embedded Objects

  • Notes/Comments

And much more.

Blackout uses regular expression (regex) text strings to find terms in documents that match the regex pattern so that they may be marked up, including the ability to redact or markup partial words and phrases. The user’s review team writes these with or without Milyli's assistance and can load them directly into Blackout or import them in bulk.


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