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Milyli is bringing the world's most powerful and versatile redaction software, Blackout, to a broader audience. Enter to win 1 of 21 drawings for 1 year of full access to this new iteration of Blackout. 

21 Winners for 2021!

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Limit of 1 entry per person. Multiple entries will be disqualified. Limit of 4 winners per organization. 

Full terms and conditions here.

Blackout is Evolving to Assist Everyone with Markup Tasks

We're releasing a cloud version of Blackout for smaller scale redaction jobs that challenge anyone managing sensitive information.

  • Upload various document formats and convert them to a PDF for redaction and production

  • Upload Excel files and place markups and redactions before downloading securely produced worksheets

  • Multiple documents may be uploaded, redacted, and produced in a project

  • "Find & Redact" functions, project management features, and delivery options