armada relativity archive tool
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Automate archival jobs in Relativity with Armada to take back time for other tasks.


Armada saves Relativity users time and effort by building ARM archives en masse – allowing them to refocus on more urgent matters like client needs.

Whether preparing for a migration, downsizing a server, or taking recurring backups of important cases, archiving workspaces can take up a lot of valuable time. Here's how Armada works to make Relativity archival jobs quick and easy.

Step 1: Select a prioritized set of cases to archive.

Step 2: Run Armada to kick off the set.


Step 3: Get back to better things!

Armada is that simple and effectively balances system resources while avoiding any manual jobs that may be kicked off. Also, Armada can run 24/7 to ensure archival work completes as quickly as possible.


  • Reduces the amount of time spent defining ARM Archive jobs

  • Eliminates the need to monitor system load or use ARM’s manual scheduling as a prerequisite for enqueuing additional ARM Archive jobs

  • Automates pre and post archive tasks necessary to archive a case, e.g., remove user access, hide a workspace from a view, delete the DB, etc.


  • Archives an unlimited number of prioritized workspaces without concern for overloading ARM

  • Allows scripts to be configured to automatically execute before an archive begins or after an archive has completed

  • Provides automatic retry of transient errors as well as enhanced archive status reporting

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